Chinese Dish

Chinese Dish

Chinese people are fond of vegetables, especially leafy greens, and eat many different kinds at almost every meal, sometimes preserve and eat them as snacks.

Many commonly used vegetables in Chinese meals are familiar to Westerners, such as cabbages, mushrooms, peas and beans, all leafy greens, chili peppers, onions, carrots, celery, broccoli, bamboo shoots , gourds, etc.

It’s an ancient tradition to treat a cold or fever with soup. In addition to its ability to comfort, it is believed that certain soups have healing powers. Many soups are consumed for their flavour, as well as for their restorative or invigorating effects.

This is heavily linked with traditional Chinese medicine. There are varieties of such tonic soups, ranging from pungent to light, savoury to sweet flavours.

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